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Explore the different types of hair wigs

By Cupido | 2017-09-01

 Nowadays men and women are equally concerned about their appearance. Be it hair related issues or just for the sake of flaunting style, hair wig is a popular choice for these individuals. There are various wigs available in the market that you might conf...

How to blend two different colored hair extensions

By Cupido | 2017-09-01

Nowadays, people are too obsessed with long and thick hairs. Don’t you wish to acquire long, shining and thick hairs? Well, hair extensions will make your hair longer and thicker. Hair extensions are also referred to as hair weaves. It is a process of ar...

7 Tips to Attach a Silk Base Closure To Your Locks

By Cupido | 2017-09-01

The problem of Hair loss is very common and many young people are losing hairs at an alarming rate. The causes are varied like alopecia, trichotillomania, stress use of chemical hair treatment solutions etc. Hair loss is experienced by people undergoing chemot...

6 Advantages Of Hair Extensions

By CupidoHair | 2017-08-03

Hair extensions have become one of the most innovative inventories in all salons and hair-style industries. The durability and versatility of hair extensions have made it the most popular alternative flaunting impressive locks. They look exceptionally attracti...

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